"I'll do shoes for the lady who lunches, but it would be, like, a really nasty lunch, talking about men." Christian Louboutin

Shoes  :  Christian Louboutin

New love in...my closet!!! Actually it was love at first sight...You may have noticed  that I am addicted to red sole shoes, and I have to tell that these black suede pumps are my favorites! "Bye Bye" is one of the most provocative and desirable styles that Christian Louboutin designed for this Fall/ Winter!

Isn't it???

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  1. συγκλονιστικό παπούτσι..και όλη η F/W collection!
    μπορώ να σε ρωτήσω, από που αγοράζεις τα louboutin σου και πόσο περίπου κοστίζουν? θέλω να επενδύσω σε ένα τώρα στις γιορτές :)

  2. sinithos apo to londino kai apo to enny di monaco...ama theleis steile mou to mail su na su pw times!

  3. an kaneis click sto link "christian louboutin" pou einai katw apo to simerino post se vazei sro official site k exei times gia kathe papoutsi...


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