"Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning."

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Wish to all of you a Happy Valentine's day, full of love, full of passion and full of romanticism! 
I have heard many people criticizing this day of the year in a bad way...They say that is "cheesy", or that it is a marketing trick to sell cards, heart-shaped jewelry, bouquets, sexy lingerie etc...But sometimes, escaping from the everyday routine, is not bad at all! So... I am suggesting you to grab the chance, even if this is the 14th of February, and celebrate your love & happiness because being in love with the right (...or the wrong guy) is magical and you never know when you are gonna fall in love again...it may takes years. So live it to the fullest and don't be shy... express your feelings.

P.S Nothing is "cheesy" if you do it the right way!

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