Paris Diary - Day 1


My first time in Paris and definately not the last one! I was fascinated by the architecture, the culture,the buildings, the people, the cuisine ...everything that stimulates the romantic side of you!

The first day of my trip started at Musee du Louvre,where very interesting exhibitions were in display. Despite the cold,rainy weather I walked from my hotel and I passed through Pl.De La Concorde and Tuileries Garden, the perfect place to shoot an outfit inspired by the 70's. 

After the shooting I visited Les Arts Decoratifs, where one of the most innovative and creative fashion designers of our time has been granted a 'carte blanche': Hussein ChalayanThe exhibition showcases this rich, complex world, in which clothing, installations, fashion shows, projections and research are shown by side to illustrate Chalayan’s distinctive process of creation.

Being already tired and hungry, I did a break for brunch at Le Fumoir, a lovely and quite popular restaurant-bar, which is located near Louvre Museum. If you are a smoker, as I am, enjoy a glass of wine while sitting at the outdoor tables!

Back to the Louvre...In the Kingdom of Alexander the Great: Ancient MacedoniaThis exhibition celebrates Alexander and the Kingdom of Macedon through 660 Macedonian artefacts drawn from international collections. Worth visiting!!!
(6th October-1st January)

After hours of walking and feeling exhausted, I had a cup of hot chocolate and delicious macarons at Angelina's, a must-not-miss venue in Paris, where the greatest French fashion designers like Coco Chanel have been eyed sipping coffee or tea!

Dinner at La Tour d'Argent! A restaurant with heavy history and tradition, where everyone treats you like a little princess! Breathtaking view,delicious French cuisine, great variety of wines and unforgettable service!

What a wonderful day!

Place De La Concorde
Jardin de Tuileries 
Entering Hussein Chalayan exhibition
Designed by Hussein Chalayan
Installation view of a creation by Jean- Paul Goude- Les Arts Decoratifs

Pyramide du Luvree

La Tour d'Argent entrance
La Tour d'Argent

Table with view at Notre Dame

A card postal is given to customers who order duck
Diners who order  duck receive a postcard with the bird's serial number
La Tour d'Argent wine list!!!!

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