Paris Diary - Day 3


Good morning sunny Paris! Oh yes, the clouds were gone and the sun was shining again. The weather was perfect and I was ready to breath the air of Paris and wander around its most famous streets: Avenue des Champs Elysees, Avenue Montaigne, Rue de Saint Honore, Place Vendome...

The truth is that I wasn't in the mood for shopping (no, I wasn't feeling sick)...all I  really wanted was to walk the parisian streets feeling carefree! The only thing I had been longing to buy was a gray fur coat...I entered many boutiques but nothing seemed to satisfy me..After many hours of window shopping I found something worth investing my money in: A new pair of blue ,elegant Lanvin! The last 38 was waiting to be mine!

Lunch at  L' avenue! This place was amazing...I have never seen before so many good looking and elegant people gathered at one place! Sitting once again at the outdoor tables ( unfortunately I am a smoker) ,I felt like having front row seats at a Chanel fashion show. The entrance had "turned" into a catwalk and all kinds of bags (especially Chanel and Hermes), shoes, fur coats and other fashion elements were "striding" in front of me!

After a walk at Saint Germain I returned to my room. My feet were killing me and I needed some time to rest! 

Dinner at Costes!

P.S Be careful...don't do the same mistake I did!!!! L' avenueCostes, and La Societe have EXACTLY the same menu (same owner). I had to choose courses from the same menu 3 times in a row!!! But in any case, I surely enjoyed it!


L' Avenue - Avenue Montaigne
Place Vendome
My new Lanvin 

Miss Lanvin porcelain figurine
Miss Lanvin 30 Porcelain figurine (find it at net-a-porter)
Dinner @ Costes

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“It's not really a shorter skirt, I just have longer legs...”- Anna Kournikova

Skirt  :  ASOS

Blouse  :  ASOS

Jacket  :  Isabel Marant (old collection)

Tights  :  Wolford

Wedges  :  ASOS

Bag  :  Hermes

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